4 Steps to Reboot With the New School Year

Has it been a rough summer? 

Summer is great for going to the beach, spending extra time with your children, and floating on the lake. Summer is not always great for business. 

A summer slump can be very discouraging. Your spirits may be a little dampened or you may be demoralized to the point that you just want to survive the fall and make it through the holidays.

Hopefully, you are excited to get back to work when the kids start school! (Even if you don’t have kids, fall can be a great time to reset your business goals!)

As summer comes to an end, follow the rhythm of the school year for your business. Teachers are busy behind the scenes preparing their classroom with new furniture arrangements to enhance learning. Parents are buying all the necessary school supplies and new clothes to replace the ones that have been outgrown. Families will soon be establishing new routines and schedules. Students starting a new school must learn new habits and make new friends. Everyone must recognize that it is a new school year with new expectations and new goals.

Instead of waiting for January 1st and just going through the motions for the remainder of 2019, let’s all choose to reboot with the new school year

Think about where your business can be by January if you reset now and push through those goals for the last 5 months. Why stay in “survival mode” for the rest of the year when you can be intentional now, putting yourself in a radically different place by January?!

We’re going to talk through four steps you can take NOW, that will have you ahead in your goals by January, instead of further behind where you’d like to be. These are all things I’m doing now as well, let’s keep each other accountable!  


Think about a time when you were successful and things were cruising along. What excited you most? Was it an accomplishment? A person you helped? 

I am inspired by my members. When things are tough, I think about the goals they have achieved and the stories they tell me about how life has changed since joining CoCreate. I remember the despair I once felt working from home all alone. I want to provide others with an alternative so they don’t have to feel alone, isolated, unsupported or without the necessary resources. 

Once you remember what inspires you, find a new quote or mantra on Pinterest that energizes you.

My current one is, “Be strong. You never know who you are inspiring.”


Time to ask yourself, “What was I doing when business was good that I have let slip by the wayside because of lack of time or resources, burnout, or life happening?”

Contacting 10 new leads a week?

Creating original social media content?

Weekly Facebook Lives?

Writing thank you notes?

What are some new habits or routines you can implement to take your business to the next level?


What routines have you put off because they seem hard or you are unsure?

I realized last week there are many little things I need to do every week and simply forget to do. I get busy on a project. A member wants to brainstorm. I need to prepare for or clean up from an event. I forget to look for new networking events, clean the bathrooms, or update Quickbooks. Those things have to be done too, and while individually they may not seem as important or urgent, over time they add up and take away from my creative energy. Making those things a part of my routine ensures consistency and lessens the brainpower it takes to accomplish them! Put as many things as you can on autopilot!  


You have come farther than you think! Get excited by the progress you have made. You may not have reached all your goals, but let’s think about what you have accomplished.

What are you proud of? What steps have you taken? Have you gone out of your comfort zone? Learned a new skill or written a blog post that inspired someone else? 

Have you made a small profit this year? It could be as simple as not losing as much money this year as last. That is serious progress. 

Baby stepsBe proud! Even baby steps are steps forward. 

What is one thing, just one, that you want to do with your business that brings a giant smile to your face?

Earlier this week, we launched a series of three-day intensive workshops. Did I really need to take on a big project like this? No. Am I extremely excited and energized by the thought of creating all the curriculum and teaching two of the three? YES!!!! 

If you have been around CoCreate or read our social media posts, you know how much I love to help people start and grow businesses. (I certainly should not have opened a coworking space if I didn’t.) These weekends give me a chance to help multiple people at one time and see the results quickly. (Love me some instant gratification.)

The first weekend is for those wanting to start a business or have just started a business but could use some more preparation for the future. We will go step-by-step to take them from would-be entrepreneur to business owner with a solid plan. One lady I know and have casually brainstormed with has already registered. Now I will get to watch her formalize the plans I know she has in her head.

The second weekend is called Female Founders Growth Weekend. (It’s my favorite.) This is for women who own small businesses that have a little traction and are ready to really grow. We will be doing a lot of the things I am having to do now with CoCreate. Digging deep into what works and what isn’t. Looking at metrics and financials. Getting over “analysis paralysis” and making difficult decisions on what steps to take next. 

Preparing for these boot camps is exciting. This is the kind of stuff I live for, so I am making it happen. 

FYI- The third weekend is Digital and Online Presence Boot Camp and will be taught by Kati Horton (aka Lexington Mommy, CoCreate Co-owner & Community Manager, and my baby sister).

So what is it that excites you and will bring some new life back into your business? What is it that makes all the routines and “boring stuff” worth it?  


Now it’s time to start moving forward with bigger steps. Set new goals for the remainder of the year. Complete a task you have put off this summer. Enroll in a class to learn a new skill that will make life easier.

Remember all those tasks I simply forget to do? I have to stop forgetting! But my brain is full. So, I have created a checklist of things I have to do every day or every week. It includes things like: post on Linked In, write a blog post, vacuum, and make a video with a member. All those important things that are easy to let slip. 

Maybe re-engagement looks like coming to our next free coworking day on August 21st or speed networking on August 13th. 

Radical Steps

Do you need to take a radical step to no only re-engage, but to jump-start your business and yourself in a major way? 

Let’s be honest - radical steps usually require an investment. Investing in your business is hard when you have had a summer slump. Investing in your business and taking that radical step is EXACTLY what you need to do now.

Do you need to find a mentor and set up a time with them to seek their input?

Do you need to hire someone to help you rebrand or create powerful marketing material?

Do you need to hire someone to make an entirely new website?

Do you need to recharge yourself spiritually and mentally with a retreat at The Art of Living Retreat Center in Boone, NC or the “Be Empowered - A Personal, Professional and Leadership Purpose Retreat” at Elohee in Sautee, Georgia?

Should you register for LeaderSHIFT Women's Executive Leadership Certificate Program offered by Columbia College or the Rise Business Conference Charleston?

Maybe your radical step is coming to one of our weekends. The Digital & Online Presence Boot Camp covers search engine optimization, Google analytics, social media, and so much more. 

Is it time to finally understand your online analytics? Start that new business? Stop being afraid of the numbers in order to get some clarity about your business at the Growth Weekend?

Pick a radical step for you! Invest in yourself and your business now. Reaffirm your commitment to your business and the blood, sweat, and tears you have already given it.

Let’s get going! I’d love to hear what steps you’re taking to reboot now! (...and feel free to check in with me on how I’m doing on my reboot steps as well, let’s support one another! )

Start by downloading our "Business Quick Reboot 4 Step Guide" to help you think through the steps.

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