5 Reasons to Try Coworking

Have you heard we have a free day of coworking next week to celebrate the kids going back to school?

If you work out of a home office as a business owner, freelancer, or telecommuter, this is a great way to give coworking a try. Plus this time of year is a great time to do a quick reset and finish the year strong. (Check out 4 Steps to Reboot with the New School Year

The only way to know if coworking is for you or not is to try it. More than one of our members had to be coaxed into coming for a complimentary day and have been part of the community ever since. 

More than a little uneasy

My favorite is Margie Baxley’s story. Margie came to a free day in the spring after reading an article about CoCreate in The State. After reading the article, she did a little research and saw the free day. She decided to come and proceeded to change her mind... “100 times.” When she arrived that morning, she sat in the parking lot for quite some time before finally coming in with the plan to leave immediately. Then she could tell her husband and daughter who told her to just try it that she had come in and didn’t like it. Listen to Margie describe her trial day

She’s been with us ever since. Honestly, as the day went on, I never thought Margie would join. Someone else was sitting at the same table she was working at, but she was pretty quiet just working. When I gave her a tour and got her settled, she told me she did not have a laptop and would be working on her iPad plus she lived in Rosewood. I thought to myself, “Why would someone drive that far?” 

Someone will drive 30 minutes because they are happier, more productive, and see their business grow as a result of working out of CoCreate. Little did I know that day Margie fell in love that day. She enjoyed the fellowship of others. She got a lot of work done even though she was limited by the iPad. She felt welcomed and at ease. At the end of the day, she asked what she needed to do to become a full-time member and had already ordered a new laptop.

Four months later, Geek Websites has new clients. Several as a direct result of CoCreate. Margie has upgraded to a dedicated desk and drives 30 minutes each way five days a week. Margie will be the first to tell you, “You have to just try it.” 

5 reasons you need to try coworking at CoCreate.

1. Grow your business faster 

Take advantage of educational opportunities to learn new skills and techniques or enhance your current skills. 

Expand your business network as you meet other CoCreate members. Monica Addison, an independent director with Thirty-One Gifts, tell others “I’m in the best networking group. It’s called CoCreate.” While we are not a networking group, a lot of connections are made here. 

Have a professional business address and a professional setting to meet clients. You may be a one-man show, but your business will appear larger than your dining room table.

2. Be more productive

The number one comment I hear after a free coworking day is “I can’t believe how much I got done.” Monica likes being able to focus more. “I can always find something to do at home - good stuff like laundry. Stuff that needs to be done, but that will take me down a rabbit home… it's just not as productive at home most days.

What do I do when I’m there? If you can do it on your computer, you can probably do it here. For creatives and salespeople, maybe you use your time here to plan your social media or catch-up on that paperwork you’ve been avoiding. Monica wrote thank you notes her first day. There are a million different things you can do here. If you need to take a phone call, you can. We have places for you to go have a private conversation.

3. Work by yourself, not alone

Working from home can be lonely. You end up talking to the dog or some random person at the grocery store to have human contact. But it’s more than having someone to talk to. Teresa Stone, aka The Blended Mama, says it best, “... just being in this environment around other people who are being productive is just helpful to keep you motivated to reach your goals.” 

No need to worry about spending too much time socializing. Many members spend their first few minutes in the space greeting others and then hunker down to work. No one will bother you if you have your headphones on or look like you are working intensely. I’ve even been known to break-up a group and send them all back to work.

4. Be more creative

Jennifer Casto works remotely for the SC Dept of Education and has the honorary title of “Creative Advisor.” Need a better word? Stuck? Not sure about how something looks? Jennifer is your go-to person. At the same time, she has days when she needs a new idea for an Algebra 2 word problems, and we help her.

There are countless opportunities to gain inspiration for your next project. Just being in a different environment may spark a new idea.


5. Better work-life balance

If you work from home, you have had a day where you do things for your family or around the house during the day and had to work that evening during family time. No one is happy. Finding work-life balance when you work from home is a blog all to itself that I still need to write. Trust Monica that you will go home more relaxed. The increased productivity allows you to work during “work hours” and enjoy the non-work hours more.  

Just come try it. Just one day. Our next scheduled day is August 21st. You can register here. If that day is not good for you, email kiri@cocreatelexington.com to arrange your trial day.

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