FAQ: Coworking

What is coworking?

Imagine a community of entrepreneurs, freelancers, and remote workers all meeting at your favorite coffee shop with the goal to get some serious work done. Now add the things you need to get those jobs done: enterprise level wifi, printing, meeting space, and free coffee.


Is there a contract?

All memberships are month-to-month. There are Terms of Use (for the space, internet and such) and Member Guidelines (where we all agree to be good neighbors). But there is no financial contract that requires you to maintain your membership for any length of time. Just let us know 5 days before your membership is set to renew if you need to change to a different membership level or take a break for a while.

When are you open?

Part-time members have access 8-6, Monday - Saturday. Full time members and private office members have 24/7 access.

Can I meet with clients?

Absolutely! You can meet with them in the flex space or use the meeting room. Talk to us about your specific needs.

I want to check it out/learn more/meet the team/try it out. What's next?

Schedule your tour! We would love to meet you and show you the space and community!

Can I have my business mail sent to CoCreate?

Yes! With your membership, we can provide you with a private mailbox address similar to what you would get at the UPS Store.

Can I hold my team meeting there?

Yes. The classroom holds 20 with the tables set-up. It will hold more without the tables. If you have a very large group, you can rent the entire place. Most memberships come with "credits" to be used for the meeting rooms and any additional hours are available at a discounted "member rate".

Do I have to be a member to rent the classroom, meeting room, content creation room or podcast studio?

No. While members get a better rate and have some free hours each month included with their membership, you do not have to be a member to book a room. Email Kati@CoCreateLexington.com for rates and booking information.

FAQ: Crafting

What is the "craft menu"?

The craft menu is a list of crafts currently available. As we run out of materials for a craft or the seasons change, we change the items on the menu. If you see a craft you love, come make it before it runs out!

Do I need reservations?

No. If you see Open Craft Hours on the calendar, come on in!

Can I have my party there?

Yes. If you have a group of 10 or more and the classroom is not already booked, you can use the classroom for free. Just be sure to call ahead to schedule it. You can all do the same craft or different crafts, it’s up to you.

Can I bring food and/or drinks? Like wine?

Oh, yes! You may bring in outside food and beverages. We ask that you clean up after yourselves.  Please be responsible with alcohol. We reserve the right to ask for ID and ask individuals to leave if they are disrupting others unnecessarily and/or not behaving in a way that would make their Grandmama proud.

What if I am not a crafty person?

Many of our crafts do not require any creativity or any special skill. We want to make the experience fun and for you to be proud of the item you made.

Can my child come with me?

We do not have any crafts specifically for children at this time. (They are coming.) However, you are welcome to bring your child if you feel they are capable of completing the craft. You know your child's abilities for crafting and navigating a mostly adult environment better than we do. So we do not have an official age policy in place.