Membership Has Its Perks (Guest Post by Teresa Stone)

It’s true. Being a member has its perks. That’s true all the way back to being a member of the popular group in elementary school and continues to be true well into the most seasoned professional careers. In adolescence, it might have kept you from being beaten up on the playground or being taunted on the school bus. As an early college grad, it might have helped you get an “in” at that company you’ve dreamed of working for your whole life. As a seasoned professional, it might have helped you branch out into your own consulting firm. 

Benefiting from CoCreate

As a member at CoCreate Lexington, I have benefitted from the many perks of membership. From meeting space to the community, being part of CoCreate has helped me personally and professionally.

Location Matters

Kiri (the founder of CoCreate Lexington) and Kati (Community Manager & co-owner) have created an incredible space for small business owners, remote workers, and entrepreneurs to get their jobs done. The space offers a variety of locations for members to work, whether that’s working completely solo at a small table, working around other members while at one of the larger tables, or even stretched out on the couches.

Branding photoshoot on the sofa

The space also offers a variety of seating options. The bouncy chairs are a favorite of one of my fellow members who needs to move while she works. Of course, you have the freedom to change your mind and move things around as much as you’d like! 

Connecting with Other Members

One of the biggest perks of being a member is honestly the other members! There are so many entrepreneurs and small businesses with whom you can collaborate, commiserate, and connect. As an office member, I am generally working in the space four days a week. I love being able to use my lunch break to chat with the other members. It was during one of these chats that I found out Margie with

Magazine formatted by Geek Websites

Geek Websites does so much more than just websites!! She showed me some of the magazines that she had designed, as well as books that she had formatted. I especially loved the one that her grandson had written and illustrated!! What an awesome way to preserve that youthful creativity! One thing led to another, and she designed a product for me that I never would’ve been able to create on my own! (Trust me – I tried!)  Now I have a professional hostess guide to help my customers have the ultimate party! 

Opportunities to Learn & Network

Member-Only Events

Another huge perk is the members-only events.

Vision Board Night

Kiri & Kati have taken feedback from members and created members-only events that they know will benefit us. From Direct Sales Leadership Luncheons to Social Media Check-Ins, they provide opportunities both for networking amongst the members to teaching us skills that we need to grow our businesses.

Speed Networking

As members, we often get discounts at public events as well. Speed Networking is one of my favorite events, and it is open to the public! (Tip: sign up for the newsletter to get a discount code!) This event is perfect for introverts like me – four-minute one-on-one conversations. If it’s uncomfortable, it’s only four minutes and I can absolutely survive that! If it’s a great connection, I can chat with them after the event or schedule time to chat with them at a future time. This is a fantastic way to expand the reach of your business and gather new leads.


The community that Kiri & Kati have created with their members is truly amazing. The support that we give each other is invaluable. Even the virtual members gain access to our online group, where they can ask for help and get advice from other members. Of course, being a physical member helps to build those relationships faster just by nature of being physically together more often. It makes it easier to put a face to the name, especially for people like me who really need people to wear name tags!! When any of us are just having a rough day (or week…or month…), there’s always someone (or multiple someones) who rally around us to encourage us, give advice if requested, and just support us through the tough times. Sometimes it’s just helpful to know there’s someone else who understands the struggles of owning your own business.

The Struggle of Working Remotely

Now, much of my time here, I am working my day job, but that has perks for me too. I tried remote working at home, but with the piles of laundry staring at my daily, the kids who get home from school before I’m done working, and the husband who doesn’t work every weekday, it was a struggle. It was easy to get distracted and sidetracked.

Being Focused

When I’m here at CoCreate, I’m surrounded by people who are focused on getting things done and doing them efficiently so they can get back to life. There are several other remote workers here as well, and we often work around each other, though not with each other, if that makes sense. The atmosphere is relaxed and not as stuffy as a cubicle farm. I know that when I’m here, I’m here to work. I am better able to focus on my day job than in my home situation where I don’t have a separate room/office to escape the distractions.  When I have a frustrating day (like when my VPN connection kept dropping last week), I can take a minute to swing – because you can’t be cranky on the swings – and then get back to work with a better attitude. I am a much happier and productive employee because of the environment at CoCreate Lexington.

Working My Side Hustle

I also use this space for my side hustle. So yes, that means it feels like I’m here all day some days. This has become a home away from home in many regards. I can book the large classroom or small meeting room for my evening team meetings.

The Blended Mama's Monthly Market

If I have a customer who wants to do an in-person party but not at her house, I can utilize the space for that as well. The content-creation room and equipment has been a huge help in creating better images and video for my social media, as well as my team training videos. Many of the classes and events are geared towards growing The Blended Mama – things like writing a business plan, how to prepare documentation for your tax preparer, how to utilize social media to generate new leads, what systems and apps might help make processes easier and more manageable, etc. Even offering events like Write Right Now to provide dedicated writing time (including non-members!), which is how I made the time to write this blog post!  

All that to say, being a member here at CoCreate Lexington has changed my life. If any of this resonates with you, take a minute to book a tour. Visit the space. Meet some of the members. Become part of the community.

-Teresa Stone

Note from Kiri: Kati had to practically drag Teresa in to try a day at CoCreate least fall and she never left!

Teresa (aka The Blended Mama) is a busy entrepreneur in addition to her full-time job. Her family owns The Blended Bakery and she is Independent Stylist with Color Street.

Teresa also hosts a monthly market at CoCreate featuring for other entrepreneurs and crafters. It is held the 2nd Sunday of each month from 1-4 here at CoCreate.

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