Perfect Present

The Perfect Gift.

Still looking for the perfect Christmas or Holiday gift for an entrepreneur, freelancer, independent agent, or even an employee who works from home but is miserable or not prospering? We have just the right present – give the gift of a Coworking Membership.

Coworking gives them an option to get out of the house and into a professional, yet casual and flexible shared office space. It is a gift that can propel an entrepreneur or independent worker to a new level of success.

5 Joyful Reasons to Give the Gift of Coworking

1. Motivation: Being around other entrepreneurs and independents motivates you to get more done! Coworking members inspire other members to reach new goals, complete projects, and grow their businesses. When you are around others who understand the struggles of working for yourself and see them reaching their goals, you are motivated to reach yours.

2. Improved Productivity: No matter how hard you try, a home office is still “home” with home-life distractions: laundry, kids, TV, those cute puppy eyes asking to go for a walk, and the refrigerator begging you to eat the last slice of pie. New coworking members quickly discover they can accomplish in a few hours what took them days at home. How would increased productivity affect your bottom line?

3. Community: Even if you have a large circle of friends, do they understand what it is like to work from home or build a business? Our members “get it!” A community of like-minded people provides you with a sounding board, new knowledge, and networking opportunities.

4. Mental Health: Most work at home entrepreneurs like working from home… most of the time. The truth is that working from home can also be very isolating, lonely, and unhealthy. Coworking spaces provide the social interaction and integration that is vital to keeping your mental health at a high. It has been proven that to help with depression you need to keep your relationships of any kind going and working in a space with others can easily provide that.

5. Professionalism: Have you ever met a financial advisor, attorney or accountant at a coffee shop? Coworking instantly increases credibility by providing a professional space to meet clients, assistants, and team members.

Our Memberships

CoCreate Lexington has part-time, full-time, and dedicated desk memberships available.  A part-time membership includes 8 visits a month; enough to get out of the house and get some work done. A full-time membership provides 24/7 access to seriously conquer your goals for 2019. Have to use a big monitor for work or want your own space? A Dedicated Desk is the way to go.

Give the gift of community, collaboration, motivation, and productivity this Christmas! Purchase a 2 or 3-month membership to take advantage of great discounts! These discounts are only available for the holiday season.

Part-Time Gift Membership

Full-Time Gift Membership

Dedicated Desk Gift Membership

Click Here to view all of the benefits of a membership at CoCreate Lexington.

For more information email us: or call us: 803-785-2113.



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