Taking my Work-From-Home Gig Seriously: Why I CoCreate

Name: June Laves

Occupation: Marketing Manager at Imprev, Inc.

What about your job that is unique, fun, or intriguing?

I organize webinars with industry experts, write blog posts about real estate marketing and management, run social media and other digital and print marketing campaigns for the company.

I’m their first full-time remote employee. This company has nearly doubled its profits this year, and it’s exciting to be part of such a rapidly growing team.

What tool do you keep with you at all times? 

It’s cheesy, but a smile. A smile gets you very far. Going out of my way to be kind and patient has always worked out for me and gotten me my way in the long run.

Why did you choose to become a CoCreate member?

I had just started a remote position with a west-coast company while moving to South Carolina from Kentucky. I needed to invest in myself and take my new work-from-home gig seriously. I made a list of what tools and environment I desired in a workplace/in my dream job – and that’s what I needed to find. Staying inside my house all day meant I wouldn’t meet people or be a part of a community. 

Other coworking spaces I visited had great resources, but CoCreate embodied a slightly more communal atmosphere. Everyone is struggling with our own journeys, but there is an immediate sense of support and kinship in the space we share.

CoCreate offers everything I was looking for – even things I thought were far-fetched: 

Community –meeting unique people in my community, really engaging with them, and building friendships.

Security – a place where I could have my own desk, a sense of work-home, and make it my space and trust my property was safe and respected.

Freedom – the power to access the space when I needed, walk around in my socks if I’d like, or stretch out on the floor if I needed a change in perspective to think through my tasks.

How have you benefited personally and/or professionally since joining CoCreate?

Moving to a new state was hard. I didn’t know anyone in South Carolina. I became very depressed and my work was suffering. After a week of getting into a routine of working at CoCreate, everyone in my life, myself included, could feel a change. I felt much more productive and I don’t get as overwhelmed since I can separate work time and home time. The best part – I’ve met so many amazing people in this town, so quickly, that I feel more at home here in the Midlands.

You can connect with June on LinkedIn.

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